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coral compass is the exclusive distribution partner for premium marine aquatic brands for the UK and ROI. We are committed to delivering high quality products and services that enhance the home reef experience 
The global leader in aquarium LED lighting technology and innovation. Orphek LED lighting delivers the perfect intensity, spectrum and efficiency to achieve a thriving reef aquarium
System Smart Reef
Smart aquarium devices traditional functions, innovative technology, no central computer required
Essential marine reef supplements for enhanced coral growth vitality and colour
reefer's testimonials
''I've kept marine aquariums for many years and over time I've tried most lights, Halides, T5, T5 Hybrid, LED Modules etc. I upgraded my tank 2 years ago and went with a T5 Hybrid as I felt that was the best option to achieve the results I wanted to achieve which was a healthy SPS dominated reef that grew well and was full of colour. I'm not going to have a knock at T5's as they are good lights and will grow anything well but my tank is 1.8m long and my light was 1.5m leaving shadows at the end. I decided I wanted to go full LED so which one to choose?
After lots of deliberation I decided on Orphek primarily because I could go with a lower number of units due to the immense coverage and the controllability etc. Customer service has been outstanding, I asked many questions and always received a quick response without the hard sell, and now I know why - these lights sell themselves. 
My tank is looking better than any tank I've owned, the lights are extremely controllable, and aesthetically they tick all the boxes for me. I've now order a frag tank and I've another Compact V4 sat waiting to go over it - If your undecided trust me take the plunge, you won't be disappointed''
Mark, UK
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coral compass supports the propagation of coral through aquaculture to help preserve the coral seas of the world.
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