developed for the most demanding public aquarium environments
Orphek has been chosen to illuminate many of the Public Aquariums across the globe and can now be found in Public Aquaria in the UK, France, Spain, Denmark, China, Australia, Canada and the Middle East to name a few.

Understanding the challenges a contemporary Public Aquarium faces today, Orphek LED lighting has researched and developed customised products to meet the needs of Public Aquariums.

Whether lighting large lagoons or 15 meter deep coral reef tanks, Orphek’s Amazonas delivers results. The Amazonas has the capability to penetrate and deliver sufficient light for viewing at depths over 15 meters.
The Amazonas 500 Watt Public Aquarium LED was developed to light up to 72,000 Lumens and designed as a direct replacement for metal halide systems 1,000 Watts and over. The Orphek Amazonas is the perfect LED solution for deep coral reef aquariums.

Oprhek’s Public Aquaria lighting provides a healthier and more attractive display. Allows for greater control and reduces energy consumption and cost, whilst providing a more environmentally friendly solution.

Amazonas 500

Amazonas 320

Amazonas 80

Blue Planet - Denmark
Chengdu - China
Nausicaa - France
Cairns - Australia
Burj Al Arab - UAE
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