Amazonas 320

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Orphek’s new Amazonas 320 LED Light fixture has been designed for use in Public Aquarium environments for both Saltwater and Freshwater systems.

The Orphek R&D team developed a revolutionary emitter XP 80 White V4 and XP 80 Blue which provides a spectrum that replicates natural sunlight at depth utilising outstanding power and efficiency.

The new Amazonas 320 features 4 x 80W LEDs giving a total of 320W performance. The most advanced LED configuration in the world,  delivering 11 different types of LEDs to create the perfect light intensity and spectrum.

The technology mimics the shimmer effect of metal halide lighting at 18,000K – 20,000K.

All models are powered by matrix chips operate at 80W ensuring longevity and high efficiency.

The Amazonas 320 is built with an ingress protection rating of IP67, making them perfect for humid conditions of Public Aquaria.
XP multi colour LED

XP 80 Reef Day Light – For SPS/LPS

XP 80 Blue/Violet/UV – For SPS/LPS

XP 80 Freshwater Planted

single colour LED

18000K White - For Marine

14000K White - For Marine

Blue 460nm - For Marine

7000K White - Freshwater

Please contact the team at coral compass who will assist you with your enquiry.
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