Atlantik v4 Gen2

The new Atlantik v4 Gen2 series is the most comprehensive solution for the reef aquarium. The panel style LED Atlantik series provides a highly diffused light source that wraps around corals which is virtually impossible to shadow. The series delivers the perfect intensity, spectrum and PAR for the most light demanding corals to produce outstanding growth and colour.

The Atlantik series has exceptional build quality and are highly energy efficient producing the lowest consumption per watt. This new series offers the best performance vs value in the market due to the lower quantity of lights required to optimally light your aquarium.


Designed to provide optimal sps/lps coral growth and colour

14 new custom manufactured dual core LEDs in the nanometer range from 380nm to 850nm

Renders a stunning natural appearance to the aquarium ranging from 10K to 50K


Provides optimal red and infrared LEDs required

Full dimming capacity in all channels 0-100%

Built in wireless control allowing for programming up to 200 individual units

Controlled by Gateway2 ( purchased separately) and programmable through a free App

Provides the most comprehensive PAR/PUR per watt, spectrum output and highest efficiency power supply


Designed to provide optimal coral growth and colour from a perfectly blended spectrum

New 78 customised high efficiency 5w dual-chip LEDs. 156 individual LEDs

14 colour types of custom-made dual core LEDs with nanometer range from 380nm to 850nm

120-degree lenses fitted as standard

Renders natural tank appearance from 10k to 50k

15 colour combinations

4 controllable channels
producing 15 colour combinations





power specifications

Power Consumption:

201 - 235W

Universal Input Range:
100 - 240V

Cable Length:


PSU Regulatory Compliance:


what's in the box

Atlantik v4 Gen2

Power Cord with Waterproof Connector

Stainless Steel Hanging Kit

Mean Well Fan-less IP65 Power Supply

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