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Explore the world of our Coral Power range and discover  the complete essential elements for all marine aquarium systems.
Coral Essentials; born in Queensland and developed by Australia's first coral aquaculture facility....

Sustainable Reefs, owner of the Coral Essentials brand is a 100% Australian operated marine coral aquaculture company situated in Cairns, Far North Queensland, right on the doorstep of the Great Barrier Reef.  

Established in 2012, as the first commercial marine coral aquaculture facility in Australia, they recognised a distinct lack of sustainable coral collection practices in reefs all around the world. As a result, Sustainable Reefs was born to develop sustainable approaches to coral production for the world’s coral reef re-plantation projects and the thriving demand from the aquarium trade.

The Coral Essentials range is based on the techniques adopted from thorough experimentation growing coral in marine aquarium environments, from small aquariums to large scale commercial aquaculture facilities. The knowledge gained from years of testing a multitude of different supplement regimes has resulted in superior products for a closed system marine environment.

The Coral Essentials Method provides your marine aquarium corals the minerals and vitamin supplements they require for healthy growth, vivid colouration and vitality. The product additives cover all aspects of marine aquarium supplementation and management. From trace elements, to feeding, and our exciting new range of Black Label products. Our Chroma+, Vibrance+ and Energy+ will bring your coral to life like you’ve never seen before.

Concentrated goodness for your tank.....Simple or advanced.....
It's up to you!
Coral Essentials
Black Label + "The Juice"
Be on the cutting edge... Make sure your aquarium has the "+" Advantage

Explore the world of our Black Label "+" range; Chroma+, Vibrance+ and Energy+,  get the unfair advantage you deserve. 
To gain the ultimate  edge over your reefer colleagues you need to ensure you have the Coral Essentials Black Label "+" advantage.  Our three new  products, Energy+, Chroma+ and Vibrance+ will give you an unfair advantage in the home aquarium colour, vibrancy and polyp extension wars.  Be the envy of all your friends, make your tank look as good as any you've ever seen.  You won't believe the results until you take up the Coral Essentials Black Label "+" advantage.
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Coral Essentials
Coral Power
Coral Power... Concentrated goodness for your tank

Explore the world of our Coral Power range and discover  the complete, essential elements for all marine aquarium systems.  With Primary care elements taken care of  the next step in the Coral Essentials journey is range of Trace Elements as well as feeding . These products form the basis of water quality maintenance for enhanced growth, colour and vitality.
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Coral Essentials
Primary Care
Primary Care... Sweet lovin' for your corals

Explore the world of our Primary Care range and discover  the best your marine aquarium can be.

The Coral Essentials Method - Ultimate Control

The addition of trace elements proportional to the addition of Calcium and Carbonate in a marine tank is a well known supplementation technique.


The most well known method is the Balling Method. We have developed our own method, based on the Balling Method, we call the Coral Essentials Method, using our own Coral Power Trace-A, B and C.

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