Coral Essentials new launch docks in UK

After a 2 month sea voyage of over 10,000 miles from Queensland Australia, the Coral Essentials Primary Care Range has finally docked in the UK.

The new Carbonate +Trace, Calcium +Trace & Magnesium +Trace contain all of the essential elements for enhanced coral growth, vitality and colour.

Packaged in 3 sizes; 500ml, 2.75L and 10L, these concentrated pre-mixed solutions contain all of the Coral Power Trace A, B and C elements into the mix using the proven Coral Essentials dosing regime. There's nothing else to add.

Developed by Sustainable Reefs, the first commercial Coral Aquaculture facility in Australia. Used on their own Coral Farm, Coral Essentials brings you sweet lovin' for your Reef Aquarium all the way from the home of the Great Barrier Reef.

Available from 9th February at your local Coral Essentials store.

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