How to use Coral Essentials Primary Care Range as Randy's Mix

Randy's Recipe has often been a favourite of reefers all around the world.  Without the input Randy Holmes-Farley has had in the marine reef aquarium industry and hobby I doubt it would ever have been so popular now.  A lot of reefers are very familiar with Randy's recipe and currently dose their primary elements using Randy's mix as per one of the options below.  Our Coral Essentials range of Primary Care products are at solutions of 100,000ppm and 200,000ppm.  We thought it very helpful for our Coral Essentials users that we provide a simple instruction set to convert our products to the equivalent Randy's recipe.  That way when they purchase our products you can easily continue to use your Randy's dosage rates.

Randy's mix has 2 recipes as follows:

Randy's 1

Calcium @ 37,000ppm

Carbonate (Alkalinity) @ 95,000ppm (1,900 meq/L of alkalinity or 5,300 dKH)

Magnesium @ 47,000ppm

Randy's 2

Calcium @ 18,500ppm

Carbonate (Alkalinity) @ 47,500ppm (950 meq/L of alkalinity or 2,660 dKH)

Magnesium @ 47,000ppm

Use our simple calculators below to convert the 500ml bottles of Coral Essentials Products to Randy's 1 & 2 recipes.