ICP analysis information was created by Sustainable Reefs

Hopefully we’ve given you an insight into some of the elements you will encounter on your ICP test report, but we’ve particularly focused on the elements that you are most likely to ask questions about in the Coral Essentials range.

Feel free to take a read of each element break down in the list of links below and ask any further questions you might have in the comments below.

1. Magnesium (Mg) https://www.facebook.com/1338751446215007/posts/2256465887776887/

2. Strontium (Sr) https://www.facebook.com/1338751446215007/posts/2258046004285542/

3. Bromine (Br) https://www.facebook.com/1338751446215007/posts/2258058124284330/

4. Iodine (I) https://www.facebook.com/1338751446215007/posts/2258066067616869/

5. Iron (Fe) https://www.facebook.com/1338751446215007/posts/2258077857615690/

6. Chromium (Cr) https://www.facebook.com/1338751446215007/posts/2258093130947496/

7. Zinc (Zn) https://www.facebook.com/1338751446215007/posts/2258149704275172/

8. Boron (B) https://www.facebook.com/1338751446215007/posts/2265814756842000/

9. Manganese (Mn) https://www.facebook.com/1338751446215007/posts/2265859340170875/

10. Cobalt (Co) https://www.facebook.com/1338751446215007/posts/2269026996520776/

11. Potassium (K) https://www.facebook.com/1338751446215007/posts/2269439983146144/

12. Fluoride (F) https://www.facebook.com/1338751446215007/posts/2269515349805274/

13. Copper (Cu) https://www.facebook.com/1338751446215007/posts/2275907189166090/

14. Nickel (Ni) https://www.facebook.com/1338751446215007/posts/2275946192495523/

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