Working with the Shark Institute.

The Shark Institute asked Orphek for an LED light which could attract plankton to aid their shark research.

When Jennifer Schmidt, Director of Science & Research at the Shark Institute, asked for help with their research, Orphek jumped at the chance. She was looking for an intense light for their research vessel. Their idea was to attract plankton to the surface of the ocean, so that Whale Sharks would be able to feed, and then to photograph this amazing phenomenon. As their research is carried out in the evening, the biggest challenge was finding a strong enough light to bring the plankton to the surface.

With their expertise in customised spectrums, Orphek were delighted to offer their Kaspian light. The upper portion of the light body is sealed, to prevent any moisture creeping in, and the Kaspian is equipped with a special degree lens along with a custom-built spectrum LED Matrix chip.