Reef Factory – a Bold Vision for the Aquarium Internet of Things comes to the UK

Reef Factory is a new company based in Poland with an ambitious vision for monitoring the modern reef aquarium. The catalogue of Reef Factory devices includes a broad assortment of focused sensors and controllers to keep reef aquarists in touch and in tune with the most important parameters of their aquarium. The big difference though is that all the devices are wireless and communicate with the Reef Factory smartphone app or local network for both monitoring and control.

The philosophy of Reef Factory monitoring devices and controlling accessories is in stark contrast to virtually all other controllers in the aquarium hobby today. Instead of one smart box with a host of accessories and a single major point of failure, all of Reef Factory’s sensors and monitors have their own smarts and connectivity, working independently for a distributed, decentralised system.

Reef Factory produces an ecosystem of accessories relating primarily to three important parameters: temperature, pH, and salinity, with associated sensors for TDS, lots of different ways to maintain a steady water level, and a dosing pump to help keep everything in check.

When put altogether the Reef Factory devices can make keeping a reef aquarium much easier, allowing the aquarist to focus on the aspects of reef keeping that require a more hands on approach; most notably the light, water flow, nutrients and mineral balance of the reef aquarium water.

The Reef Factory catalogue of sensors and single-purpose controllers launch in the UK July 2020.