Starting out with Coral Essentials

How to Start Using Coral Essentials

One of the most common questions we receive at Coral Essentials is, "How do I start using your marine aquarium supplements range?". It's simple to answer, and simple to follow, just like the rest of our advice here at Coral Essentials. However it is one question we feel needs to be answered well to ensure your experience with our products is the absolute best it can be.

The basic core products for all marine tanks maintenance is the Primary Care Range. Whether you use our products or make up your own Calcium, Alk and Mag, this is the first step, the foundation of supplementation.

The following 5 products are the next step (Step 2) in Coral Essentials marine aquarium care and is where we advise most aquarists to start their journey with us. It includes our range of Trace Elements A, B and C as well as feeding with Power Amino and Power Gro. These products form the basis of water quality maintenance for enhanced growth, colour and vitality.

Coral Power Trace A

Coral Power Trace B

Coral Power Trace C

Coral Power Amino

Coral Power Gro

It is an often overlooked requirement but maintaining a self sufficient biological process for the production of nitrifying bacteria is vitally important. So Step 3 is using Coral Power Bacteria Food as it aids in the reduction of Nitrates and used in conjunction with Coral Power Bio Clean helps reduce organic waste.

Coral Power Bacteria Food

Coral Power Bio Clean

The next step, Step 4, is to maintain Boron and Bromide levels:

Coral Power Boron

Coral Power Bromide

At the advanced level there are two paths. One is to push your tank to limits of colouration, vibrancy growth and feeding that you never thought possible with the use of our Black Label "+" range, Chroma+, Vibrance+ and Energy+. These products offer everyone from beginner to advanced enthusiast a way to improve all aspects of your tank. We believe it is the Ultimate Step, Step 5.




Also you may need to maintain or increase levels of individual elements as you determine is required. These elements are only used if you have deficiencies that need supplementation above the use of our Trace elements range or you are after specific colour enhancements. The final step or the Tweaking Step:

Coral Power Iron

​Coral Power Iodine

Coral Power Reef KI3

Coral Power Fluoride

Coral Power Potassium