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System Smart Reef
Smart aquarium devices, traditional functions, innovative technology.

Get ready for a new approach.

Choose  the one  device you need or build up the entire Smart Reef system

Smart Reef

Innovative system

to manage marine aquariums remotely

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Smart device management

The system allows you to add multiple devices. Having them all in one place, you can manage them easily and intuitively. Display all devices on the dashboard and preview the data stored in each device panel. 

The future of reef keeping 

All devices operating within the system are equipped with a Wi-Fi module and connect to the system directly. 

No central computer needed

to manage the devices

Unlike equipment already known, Reef Factory devices do not need connection to a central computer. Each device comes equipped with a WI-FI module and connects directly to the Smart Reef system. 
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Aquarium under control

with the Smart Reef system

The Smart Reef System  looks after the safety of your reef inhabitants, informs on various changes taking place in your aquarium and automates numerous aspects of maintenance and upkeep.
Gain full  control over your marine aquarium from any place in the world via a web bowser or mobile application. 

ICP test results panel

In 2020, a transparent ICP results presentation panel integrated with Triton service will appear in the Smart Reef System. Received hints and dosing doses will automatically appear in the application, from where you will be able to easily transfer them to the Reef log tasks calendar.
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Thermal Control

This intelligent device will help you to maintain a constant temperature in your marine aquarium. Thermo Control controls both the heating and the cooling devices. The minicomputer monitors temperature 24hrs a day and will alert your smart device with changes that outside of your selected parameters.
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Thermo View

This intelligent device monitors the temperature in your marine aquarium or its surroundings, for example in a room where the sump is located. Thermo view monitors water and air temperature. 
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Level Sensor

Level Sensor works as a guardian of water or liquid level.
A compact  and clever solution that prevents salinity change and protects you against flooding. The device will also inform you when Kh, Ca or Mg liquids require topping up.
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Level Keeper

Level keeper is a device that helps you to maintain a constant level of evaporated water in your marine aquarium.  This minicomputer monitors the water level in your aquarium or sump 24/7 . If low, it alerts your smart device and tops up automatically.
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TDS Meter

The TDS meter is the only device of its kind on the market. Apart from the regular RODI water purity monitoring function, this clever device will send an email/text/notification to your smartphone device advising when your cartridges need replacing.
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Dosing Pump

Our Dosing pump is a reliable and user-friendly device. You can select one pump or many as you your system grows.  Multiple pumps can be combined into a group to create a dispenser.  All controlled, monitored and alerted on your Smart device .
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Salinity Guardian

Salinty guardian is a device that monitors the salinity level in your marine aquarium 24/7. Using a laptop, tablet or smartphone, you can check the salinity level in your aquarium at anytime. If the salinity parameter reaches a value outside your specified range then you will immediately receive a text/push/email notification. 
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PH Meter

pH meter is a device that monitors the pH level in your marine tank 24/7. Using a laptop, tablet or smartphone, you can check the pH level in your aquarium at any time. If the pH parameter reaches a value outside your specified range then you will immediately receive a text/push/email notification. 
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Power Switcher

The Power switcher is a smart and useful device that makes it much easier to work with multiple aquarium devices. Any device that is connected to it can be remotely turned on and off and controlled from any place in the world. 
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Reef flare Pro

Reef Factory - get ready for a new approach 

A modular system without a central computer!

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